Sara Dietzel, MA, MFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Marriage and Family Therapy
Specializing in Couples Counseling
and EMDR
60 Eagle Rock Way, #B, Brentwood, CA 94513 
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Relationships can be difficult and challenging. You may be feeling stuck in a negative cycle of frustration and disappointment.  Often people enter relationships without the communication and partnership skills needed to manage the difficulties and complications that arise in relationships.
IMG 4923 Brentwood Marriage and Family TherapySince I specialize in couples therapy, my training and experience is extensive and focused specifically on couples counseling.

I also have been trained as an EMDR therapist.  EMDR is a very effective therapy for recovering from trauma or a difficult life event that resulted in anxiety, panic attacks, depression or post traumatic stress disorder.  You may have had a difficult past relationship during childhood or adulthood and these relationships impact your current primary relationship.  EMDR is an excellent and well researched method for helping individuals recover from upsetting or disturbing life events. I utilize EMDR in both individual and couples therapy. 
Therapy Really Can Help!
Through the support of a marriage and family therapy professional, you can learn new ways to manage relationship challenges and stressors.  I provide a confidential and comforting environment where we can explore your struggles and make changes toward happy and healthy living. We can work together so that you feel supported and confident in your relationships and life endeavors.  There really is help!
Call or email me and we can set up a consultation to determine how to best meet your individual or relationship needs.  Commitment to therapy can make a significant difference in the quality of your life and relationships! 

Sara Dietzel is a wise, strong, gentle person and a skilled clinician and trainer of clinicians.  The communications skills Sara has taught successfully for the last six years to Graduate Counseling students at St. Mary's College are those that engender respect, understanding, sincerity and trust.  They are essential skills for parents, teachers, business managers and anyone whose intention is to promote healthy growth and collaborative effort.  Sara is an exemplar model and teacher of these skills.  You couldn't be in better hands.

Ernie Baumgarten, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Graduate Counseling Program
St. Mary's College

Sara Dietzel has the unique combination of being a knowledgeable and talented clinician along with having a comforting and supportive style in her work.  I consistently refer clients to Sara with absolute confidence in her abilities as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Additionally, she is an outstanding instructor and extremely well respected by her colleagues and students at St. Mary's College. Sara is an exceptional and well trained therapist and teacher.

Leslie Foge
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Supervisor
Faculty Member St. Mary's College
Sara Dietzel, MA, MFT
Call or Text 925.324.5565
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